SSA Offers Environmental Education to Clark County Youth

Since the pandemic, many things in our daily lives have looked different. That was especially true for the youth this summer. Unfortunately, all summer programs had to be canceled, leaving young ones with little to do during their summer break. In efforts to close that gap, community leaders came together and offered the Summer Involvement Program (SIP). Each week members of the community offered virtual events, including anything from educational courses to scavenger hunts. Families could also drive by college park and get a “grab bag” full of various materials such as snacks, activity books, toys, etc.

To get in on the summer fun, SSA offered an environmental educational activity that many of you are familiar with – making seed balls. A few SSA associates safely social distanced as they put together 600 bags with all the materials needed to make a seed ball. CSR Specialist, Blossom Riffe, then offered a virtual class for kids to follow along with when making their seed ball and also included information on why it’s important to plant flowers. This fun activity provided SSA the opportunity to reach over 600 youth while providing a fun, yet educational activity.

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