Small Acts of Kindness

During this pandemic, so many industries/factories are dedicating part of their lines to help produce needs like PPE. Unfortunately, at SSA, we are not equipped to do so. However, so many associates are stepping up in a big way to help family, friends, neighbors, and local business’ in our community through Small Acts of Kindness.

Small Acts of Kindness — everyday actions of community service — are now more important than ever. SSA’s CSR Committee has been tracking all the good associates have been doing during this difficult time. We have associates making masks, picking up groceries for vulnerable loved ones, mowing neighbor’s yards, and so much more. For the past year, associates and their families have spent close to 700 hours performing these Small Acts of Kindness.

Thank you to all of our associates doing your part. Your community needs your support, now more than ever.

Pictured: Associate Katie Calvert making masks.

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