Sekisui receives honor of Partners in Education – Partner of the Year

In 2017 Sekisui entered a partnership with Justice Elementary through Partners in Education (PIE). This partnership was based on the understanding that Sekisui would provide Justice Elementary with any needs they may have to the best of our ability, as well as support their initiatives towards the growth of their students. Over the years we have spent time in the school providing Environmental Education to all students, providing hundreds of hours of tutoring time to the kiddos that needed a little extra help, adopted families for Christmas (as seen in the article to the left), and made monetary donations towards school needs. Because of our efforts, Sekisui was recognized as the 2019-2020 Partner of the Year.

Pictured left to right – Chris Sellers, Chris Toyama, Katie Calvert, Blossom Riffe, Greg Yates (PIE Representative)

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