Laminated glass with S-LEC™ Film absorbs impact, prevents penetration, and stops shattering.

Shot Bag Test

1. Sheet Glass (5mm) 

Sheet Glass is dangerous because when it is penetrated it breaks into very sharp pieces.

Very dangerous because of the sharp glass fragments.

2. Tempered Glass (5mm)

Tempered Glass is dangerous because it penetrates easily and will shatter into small pieces that break apart.

Shattered, and penetrated by the object.

3. Wire Glass (608mm)

Wire glass is dangerous because upon trauma the wire will break apart and the object will penetrate the glass.

The wires are cut, and penetrated by the object.

4. Laminated Glass with S-LEC™ Film

Laminated glass with S-Lec Film is safest because it cannot be penetrated and resists shattered.

Neither shattered nor penetrated.

Air Blast Pressure Destructive Test

1. Sheet Glass

Perfectly shattered by the air blast.

2. Wire Glass

Partially broke down.

3. Laminated Glass with S-LEC™ Film

Only cracked.