SEkiSUi s-lec

Environmental Social Governance

ESG Management for Realizing Sustainability

Securing prominence

Putting in place a corporate structure that is trusted by society through Governance (Internal Control) and driven by the challenge of its prominence in human resources to create products and services that are overwhelmingly different in terms of the environment as well as CS & Quality.

Resolving social issues

Based on its prominence, accelerating the resolving of social issues by means of three approaches (increasing the quantity of contributions, improving the quality of contributions, and providing both quantity and quality in a sustainable manner).

Creating peace of mind for the future

Creating and expanding the value that delivers “peace of mind for the future” to all generations, including those of the future, through four domains (Residential, Advanced Lifeline, Innovative Mobility and Life Science).

To accelerate ESG management, the Sekisui Chemical Group has set medium- to long-term targets with regard to Group-wide main measures. Along with our parent company, SSA will promote the strengthening of our ESG management foundation based on a range of policies that will include efforts to reduce risks that lead to serious incidents, digital transformation (DX), human resources, and the environment.

Having positioned products that contribute significantly to solving problems in the global and social environment as products to enhance sustainability, we are also aiming to achieve both the realization of a sustainable society and the sustainable growth of the Group by increasing the ratio accounted for by such products in consolidated net sales.