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Environmental POLICY

SEKISUI S-LEC America, LLC, (SSA) is a producer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film that is widely used for laminated glass in the automotive industry. The scope of our EMS includes procedures and programs covering environmental risks and opportunities involved in the manufacture of polyvinyl butyral interlayer film within our property line, the finished product during shipment, until received by customers and procurement of items and services other than raw materials. We are committed to continual improvement of the environment & the prevention of pollution through our products and services. We are committed to protecting the environment and improving our environmental performance.

We pledge to meet all relevant Federal, State, and Local Environmental Laws & Regulations related to the environmental aspects of our organization. As a team we are committed to maintain and review our established Environmental Management System’s targets & objectives. Those interested in learning about our commitment to the environment are encouraged to Contact Us or view our Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report.


Solar Farm at Sekisui Will Further Reduce CO2 Footprint

The roof and ground mounted solar farm comprised of 2,035 400-watt ultra-high efficiency panels will produce enough energy each year to power the equivalent of 84 average homes. Thanks to this system 1.6 million lb. of CO2 will not be released into the atmosphere annually. That is the equivalent of taking 210 midsize cars off the roads or planting nearly 4,000 trees each year.


SSA has been ISO 14001 certified since 2009. Our current 14001:2015 certification validates that SSA has a fully functioning environmental management system that is effective in reducing the environmental impacts of our business operations. In order to maintain this certification, our Environmental, Health and Safety processes are audited annually by an external registrar.

Additionally, SSA has been certified as a Zero Emissions company by the auditing standards of Japan. This means that our material recycling ratio is at 100% and that no waste goes to a landfill; it is either recycled, reused, or converted to energy. Despite this certification, SSA is committed to continuously reducing the amount of waste to be recycled or sent off for energy recovery. Since 2013 we have reduced the amount of waste we generate by 167.21 metric tons – a 52% reduction. Furthermore, we are consistently working to reduce our CO2 footprint to improve air quality and impact to the environment. Since 2014 SSA has lowered energy usage, resulting in a reduction of 2131 metric tons of CO2 emissions.


Annual River Sweep

Since 2014, SEKISUI has been participating in the Kentucky River Sweep, an annual event put on by the Clark County Solid Waste Department and the Kentucky River Authority. Associates and their family members gather at Fort Boonesborough State Park to pick up litter along the banks. Activities include trash pick up, a t-shirt giveaway, and a cookout lunch for participants, grilled by Winchester Mayor, Ed Burtner.EK


The SEKISUI Chemical Group aims for a planet in which the air, water, and land provide a healthy living environment for its inhabitants. Environmental Week is a five-day period in which associates perform different environmentally friendly activities to help achieve this goal. 

Activities vary from year to year, but there is always an abundance of activities to choose from. Activities included things you could do in your home, such as switching a light bulb to LED, managing your thermostat, conserving water, etc. Associates were encouraged to bring in items from home to recycle such as metal, batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and more. 

Group activities included Lunch-N-Learns, Adopt A Roadway trash pick-up, planting flowers, and making biodegradable bird feeders. There is always a push for 100% participation within the company, and for the fourth year in a row, we achieved that goal for 2019. Friends and families of associates are always welcome to participate in Environmental Week as well. 


Sekisui S-Lec America, LLC has joined the KY EXCEL program, a voluntary environmental leadership program sponsored by the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection. This program offers unique opportunities for public, corporate, and private sectors to improve Kentucky’s diverse and wonderful environment. SSA has volunteered to participate at the “Master” level to demonstrate its leadership in and commitment to responsible environmental stewardship and resource conservation.

Participation in the program involves voluntary environmental projects, environmental planning and assessments, and annual project reports. For more information on the KY EXCEL program, please visit their website. A full listing of KY EXCEL members can be found here.

Sekisui Woodlands

The Sekisui Woodlands broke ground in 2013 when associates began planting trees on the back of the property. There are shade trees (Gingko, Maple, Poplar, Beech), flowering trees (Dogwood & Cherry), and evergreen trees (Cedar & Spruce). More trees have been planted every summer during Sekisui S-Lec’s Environmental Week. Further improvements and additions to the Woodlands are planned for the future, including a walking path and covered area for events.

Trash Pick up

Commonwealth Clean-Up Week encourages Kentucky communities to “spring clean”, recycle, and promote responsibility across the Commonwealth. Sekisui associates participate every year, and pick-up trash and debris  along Rolling Hills Lane. Associates maintain the cleanliness of Rolling Hills Lane all year through the Adopt-A-Roadway Program. Sekisui makes time for associates to participate during the work day in community and environmental volunteer activities, demonstrating their commitment to empowering associates with environmental stewardship, and continually raising environmental awareness in the community.


In response to a proposal made at the Global Children’s Eco Summit held in Japan in 2007, Sekisui Chemical Group has turned out the lights during lunchtime at all of its business sites worldwide since 2008.

Sekisui S-Lec America has taken this challenge a step further, by eliminating excessive lighting in certain areas, and installing motion-activated light sensors on timers. This prevents lights from being accidentally left on, and contributes to a reduction in emissions.


Trash Can Ban

Associates don’t have trash cans at their desks. In fact, there are only three general use trash cans in the building. This increases awareness for the amount of waste individuals generate, and prompts associates to carefully consider their consumption, as every piece of trash requires a walk to the trash can. Many associates have gotten creative in reducing their waste, such as re-using the backside of printed paper for notes or reprinting, using dry-erase boards for temporary reminders instead of notepads, and re-using plastic bags several times over. Additionally, reusable dishes and utensils are available for all associates instead of disposable paper, foam or plastic dishes.


Comprehensive Recycling Program

Sekisui contributes to raising associate’s environmental awareness and lessens the load on the environment daily. Recycling bins are located in two high traffic areas of the building, where associates can recycle plastic bottles, glass bottles, newspapers, and aluminum cans conveniently. There are also areas for recycling shredded paper and cardboard boxes. Sekisui strives to help make the environmentally friendly choice an easy one for associates.


Environmental Stability Vision through 2030

that serves as a foundation for all human activity. Caring for the environment is a core aspect of management for the Sekisui Chemical Group, and SSA. We are aware of the connection between the Earth, natural capital and living creatures, and make time to appreciate and give back to our planet. See Sekisui’s guidebook for Understanding Biodiversity, and Case Studies Toward Conserving Biodiversity. Along with maintaining this essential balance, Sekisui believes that the forefront of growth for our group lies in the innovation and creation of new Environmental-Contributing Products. See how S-Lec Interlayer Films and other Sekisui Group products can contribute to the reduction of CO².