Our Culture


SEKISUI S-LEC America (SSA) is one of six global sites

that make up the S-LEC Film Division of the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group.

Manufacturing sites in the U.S., Mexico, The Netherlands, Thailand, China, and Japan produce many advanced products that support the automotive and architectural glazing markets around the world.

You can learn more about the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group of companies at the SEKISUI America Corporation website.


SSA is part of a large group of companies,

but we operate as a small business in our community.

Even though we are a young facility – manufacturing since 2007 – the foundation for our beliefs come from a seed planted many decades ago within SEKISUI.

The SEKISUI 3S Principles – Service, Speed, Superiority – are the foundation of everything we do. They are the source of our evolution and development as a company and they’re the building blocks for our mission, our vision, and our values.

At SEKISUI, our employees ground their work in the values of our 3S Principles.


At SEKISUI, we serve our stakeholders by creating social, environmental and economic value through responsible business practices.


At SEKISUI, we accelerate innovation by eagerly taking on new challenges, adapting to change and staying ahead of the times.


At SEKISUI, we contribute to society by helping to solve social issues with our superior technologies and quality.

“Large differences will arise between human beings who uphold their own ideals, and those who simply go with the flow throughout the span of their lives. The same principle applies to business. A company has a great impact on the business community only once it is able to project its basic policy on business management and mobilize its employees based on those ideals.”

In order to reflect this intention, the 3S Principles of Service, Speed, and Superiority were established as the motto for the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group.


SSA’s Mission is to create value for the laminated glass markets

through high-quality PVB film products while fulfilling the expectations of all stakeholders.

We believe that technically advanced, high-quality plastic can assist human lives, providing safety, comfort, and economy. We will engage customers to determine their needs and concerns. We will derive solutions directly from authentic customer needs and values, and manufacture high-performance PVB films to those expectations.


Sustainable growth of our market share through






Positive emotional reaction from customers by exceeding expected results.

SSA should be striving towards unique, sincere, and specific solutions for our customers. In doing so, our actions will lead to customer loyalty, reliability, and growth.


Individuals contributing towards a common goal for the benefit of the whole.

Teamwork can be achieved through the communication and coordination of dynamic relationships. There needs to be a balance of right-brain and left-brain thinkers and ideas for us to be successful on all fronts.

Personal Growth

Self-awareness of personal potential, talents, strengths, and aspirations.

Development activities, such as mentoring and training programs, can enhance self-improvement and confidence, and can prepare associates for new challenges and responsibilities in the workplace.


Associate responsibility to seriously commit to company, environment, and society.

SSA strives for genuine enjoyment of work. Enabling associate responsibility can jumpstart high engagement, resulting in enthusiasm and motivation.


Sense of unity with customers, associates, and partners.

SSA strives to provide a cohesive environment that focuses on the process and experience, as well as the results. We must strive to relate to our business and community partners, and build stronger foundations on which to grow.