Sekisui Provides Funding for New Trees in Downtown Winchester

By Corporate Social Responsibility on Nov 21st, 2019 02:59 PM

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As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe in contributing to the Earth and society through activities primarily in the areas of conserving the natural environment, furthering education of the next generation, and assisting with the development of our local community. One way SSA contributes is through donations to local charities in our community that embody these three initiatives. In FY2018 we received an application from the Winchester Tree Board in regard toneeding funding to plant four new trees downtown Winchester.


Trees in urban environments provide a multitude of benefits including removing pollutants from the air, absorbing stormwater, improving the aesthetic appeal of an area, increasing property values, providing shade, and lowering summer temperatures.


Unfortunately, in years past, getting a tree to an age (10+ years) to provide those benefits has been difficult in an urban setting. Typically trees in urban spaces face a difficult environment. Hard paved surfaces surrounding urban trees limit access to rainfall and the growth of roots, and the engineered requirements of hardscapes are the complete opposite of what a tree needs to grow well.

New technology has changed that and technology at work in other cities across the world have demonstrated that trees and the urban setting can coexist and make our communities more livable and our environment more sustainable.

This project consisted of a successful tree pit design that included soil support cells to allow for ample root growth and to open access to rainfall while still providing the structural stability required for paved areas. With the charitable contribution made by Sekisui this was possible in our very own downtown Winchester.



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