SEkisUi s-lEc™

Standard PVB FILM

SEKISUI S-LEC™ is an automotive industry leader for the development and manufacture of laminated PVB interlayer films. Our products exceed the high standards for safety, clarity, and durability that are essential for automotive laminated glass.


S-LEC™ Standard Film properties are the basis for all of our high performance PVB products – superiority in safety, security, and UV filtering.



Tempered glass tends to shatter into fragments on impact. In laminated glass with S-LEC™ Film, fragments will adhere to the film to minimize injuries to passengers. Because the laminated glass doesn’t shatter into small pieces, a degree of visibility is maintained for driver safety.


S-LEC™ Clear Film filters out more than 97% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This contributes to the reduction of skin damage to passengers, as well as the discoloration and deterioration of the automobile interior.


Windows are traditionally an easy entry point for burglaries and vandalism. While tempered glass can be broken quite easily to gain access, laminated glass windows with S-Lec interlayer technology requires more effort to penetrate.