SEkisUi s-lec™

Sound & Solar Film

Consumers demand safety, beauty, and comfort without concession, and designers are challenged to deliver. S-LEC™ Sound & Solar Film delivers, with dual sound and solar heat shielding capability.


The optimal product designed for occupant comfort, this enhanced technology merges the performance features of sound and solar products into one. Keeping the interior quiet and cool – the ultimate combination of comfort that laminated glazing can offer.



S-LEC™ Sound and Solar Film is constructed from a patented three-layer extrusion technology. The outer layers provide mechanical strength and enable adhesion to the glass. The inner layer absorbs unwanted sound frequencies. Sekisui’s solar control particles are then evenly distributed throughout the multi-layer structure. This combination of technologies enables sound dampening and heat control in one comprehensive product.


As evident in the graph, S-LEC™ Sound and Solar Film effectively controls low frequency vibration energy from the engine and reduces high-frequency wind noise. These figures demonstrate that audible noise is reduced to a third of its original volume.

Mitigate heat from IR rays while electromagnetic waves pass freely.