SEkiSUi s-lec™

Sound Acoustic PVB

The key challenges facing car manufacturers today are reducing engine, road and wind noise to enhance cabin comfort. Sekisui dedicates their efforts to developing interlayer PVB technologies to further improve sound transmission loss.


S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Interlayer for automotive laminated glass dramatically reduces the transmission of exterior noises, such as traffic, wind, and other ambient disturbances, for the highest level of luxury and comfort on the market.


S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic PVB is constructed from a patented three-layer extrusion technology. The outer layers provide mechanical strength and enable adhesion to the glass. The inner layer absorbs unwanted sound frequencies. With this technology, the sound insulation performance is improved, and still maintains the functionality of standard interlayer.


Unwanted audible sound and noise disturbances experienced within the automotive cabin, such as traffic and wind, are located in the 1,000 to 4,000 Hz range. S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Laminate improves sound transmission loss of these noises by 10dB compared to standard PVB interlayer. S-Lec PVB’s superior dampening performance controls low frequency vibration energy from the engine (100 to 500Hz) that resonates across the windshield.