SEkisUi s-lec™


Design is a conversation with the consumer; an intuitive message that makes an emotional visual connection. S-LEC™ Color PVB Interlayers enable color to be incorporated into glass.  This addition strategically enhances the passenger’s view.


SEKISUI S-LEC™ aims to be a design leader as options for color and customization continue to trend within the automotive industry.

Color StrategY

We offer thoughtful color pallets based on trend analysis within industries that support design processes. This strategy considers consumer styles from home, fashion, furniture, and electronics, while maintaining the requirements and regulations for automotive glazing (Light Transmission, safety, comfort, etc).

Windows have always been looked through; we believe they can now be enhanced with S-LEC™ Color PVB Interlayers.


Our comprehensive understanding of color application in PVB Interlayers allows us to create custom colors designed to customer specifications. Using CIE L*a*b* Color Systems, we can ensure precision to target colors within a specified Delta E tolerance.  Therefore, it is possible to maintain batch consistency throughout the product line.


SEKISUI S-LEC™ has a growing library of colors that represent color pallets with automotive performance and design in mind. Color PVB enables windows to be used to differentiate between brands, models, trim levels.  These aesthetic accents give consumers more choice in designing their ideal vehicle.