SEkisUi s-lec™


As autonomous technology become more integrated into the driving experience, so does the need to protect the equipment that reads the road for us.


Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) often utilize IR sensors and cameras to read the environment surrounding a vehicle.  Therefore, as these systems migrate to areas within the cabin they still need to be able to receive information in the form of IR wavelengths. SEKISUI S-LEC™ has the capability to accommodate certain IR frequencies that need to transmit through glass with our Solar Control PVB.


S-LEC™ Solar Control Series PVB reduce the transmittance of infrared rays that cause a hot sensation on the skin. They also allow enough transmission of certain frequencies used in IR sensors and cameras to continue to function. This technology ensures a balance of safety and comfort for every vehicle on the road.


In our development work with ADAS development companies, we have researched and understand the frequencies that are essential for these tools to function properly.

Products within the S-LEC™ Solar Control Series allow high enough transmission for commercial
sensors and cameras to read the surrounding environment.

BalAnced Integration is Key

As ADAS systems relocate to inside the cabin, they need to continue to function accurately with access to the right wavelengths from outside. But the transmission of IR wavelengths must be balanaced to ensure that consumers experience good thermal comfort and don’t feel overly hot from these wavelengths entering the cabin.