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Standard Film

Extensive use of glass in architecture is more popular than ever with large apertures and spacious designs in buildings. This trend has led to a need for more functional glass addressing safety, security, and comfort.
S-LEC™ interlayer Film for laminated glass offers sound insulation, heat insulation, and design in buildings, all bonded between two layers of glass while maintaining transparency.


Noise can be a huge distraction from the quiet and focused environment a building is designed for.  Acoustic balance is essential for conveying the presence and power of a luxury space.

SOlar Control Film

Interior spaces should be free from the distractions of the outside world – including the intrusion of IR heat from the sun. Expand the view without the discomfort.

Sound & SOlar Film

More and more glass is incorporated into buildings to convey structural superiority and beautiful, reflective surfaces. In the past, sunlight filling the room elevated the temperature to uncomfortable levels leading to the downfall of such designs. But new technologies enable bright yet cool, comfortable spaces.

Color PVB

Windows have always been looked through; we believe they can now be seen with S-LEC™ Color PVB Interlayers.

Technical Data


View our technical data for product specifications and  basic material properties.