There is no doubt that glass is an important part of architecture. But in order to bring light into a building, there are practical, creative and ecological factors that must be taken into account. S-LEC™ Clear Film technology helps to answer many of the problems faced by architects at the design stage of construction. The 3-layer technology raises the standards of laminated glass, combining the properties of safety, security and UV filtering, that are essential to the function and design of today’s structures.



Tempered glass tends to shatter into fragments on impact. In laminated glass with S-LEC™ Film, fragments will adhere to the film to minimize injuries occupants. Laminated glass with S-LEC™ Clear Film absorbs impact, prevents penetration, and resists shattering.

A damaged windshield composed of S-Lec Clear Film does not shatter into small pieces and maintains a level of visibility.

Laminated glass with S-LEC™ Clear Film is neither shattered nor penetrated in laboratory testing.


Windows are traditionally an easy entry point for burglaries and vandalism. Laminated glass with S-Lec Film resists penetration, even with heavy or sharp tools like a hammer or glass cutter. The strong, yet flexible properties of S-Lec Film deter theft and intrusion, as it requires significantly more effort to breach the glass.

Laminated glass windows with S-Lec interlayer film technology enhance auto security by requiring more effort to penetrate.

Perfect for display cases and store windows, glass with S-LEC™ Clear Film requires more effort to penetrate than tempered glass.

UV Filtering

S-LEC™ Clear Film filters out more than 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This contributes to the reduction of skin damage to occupants, as well as the discoloration and deterioration of products, furnishings, and other surfaces. Display windows with S-LEC™ Clear Film protect items on display from damage due to extended UV exposure.

S-Lec Clear Film filters out 99% of UV rays, reducing skin damage to passengers and car. discoloration and deterioration.

Display windows with S-LEC™ laminated glass help maintain the value of goods by protecting them from damaging rays.