Quality and Safety


Quality at Sekisui is an Ongoing Process, Not an Event

The Quality Department has a strategic plan, with a focus on exceeding customer expectations. Our daily operations and tasks support the standards set to protect the integrity of our products, driving customer delight. The people working to assure the quality of our products take seriously each task, from incoming inspections to completed assembly at the customer site. We recognize that safety is dependent on the quality of our product, and each member executes the team’s quality plan with expertise, experience, and priority.

Our Quality Policy

Sekisui S-Lec America, LLC, is committed to providing high quality products and superior service for the purpose of meeting our customers’ expectations. We will achieve and maintain consistent high performance through continuous improvement in quality, delivery and product.

Sekisui S-Lec America Quality Assurance Team Members make quality a priority at Sekisui.

Sekisui S-Lec America Quality Assurance Team Members

Safety is Priority One at Sekisui

Keeping safety at the front of people’s minds without being exhaustive or overwhelming is a challenging task that requires creativity, commitment and strategy. Our Safety Team plays an essential role in promoting associate safety awareness every day. Members work hard to help identify potentially hazardous situations by conducting monthly awareness campaigns, managing an associate safety suggestion program, and sponsoring events throughout the year to focus on safety issues specific to our unique work environment.

The Sekisui Safety Team is a volunteer group, requiring many extra hours of training from members to be prepared for a variety of situations.

  • All members are First Aid, CPR, and AED Certified.
  • Members also train to identify and manage workplace hazards through OSHA Outreach Training Programs.
  • Safety Team members administer regular walk-throughs of the building to identify potential hazards.
  • Team members assisted in the conversion from MSDS to SDS Classification and Labeling System, in order to align with the new Globally Harmonized System.
  • The Safety Team hosts several activities throughout the year to engage employees and their families in making safety priority one at work and at home.

Our Safety Policy

  • Importance, coming second to no other objective. Each of us has an obligation to make the Safety of ourselves, our co-workers, our customers and all stakeholders our primary concern. This objective is fundamental to our well-being, as well as to the effective operation of our business.
  • The key elements of a safe and healthy working environment are top management commitment, a knowledgeable supervisory staff, involved safety leadership, and conscientious associates.
  • In having zero lost time accidents as our foremost goal, every Sekisui S-Lec America associate has the obligation to prevent accidents and injuries by observing established working rules, following the directions of supervisors, practicing the principles taught in safety training, and providing ideas so our safety management system is improved continuously.
  • Sekisui S-Lec America and its associates have the responsibility to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our operation in terms of safety.