Reforest the Bluegrass 2018

By SSA CSR on May 4th, 2018 02:22 PM

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As a company that exists in partnership with our local community we proactively support social contribution activities under the themes of the environment, next generation, and local communities. In this spirit, on April 14th SSA partnered with Reforest the Bluegrass.
Reforest the Bluegrass is a Lexington area event focused on planting trees. Fayette county is the second least forested county in the state. As Fayette county is our neighbor, and where many SSA associates call home, it only made sense that we would support this event!

SSA was a Leading Sponsor of Reforest the Bluegrass as we donated nearly 4,000 tree seedlings for volunteers to plant. Since Reforest the Bluegrass began in 1999 more than 15,500 volunteers have planted some 136,000 seedlings to improve stream side water quality, aquatic grassland habits and land stability. 

This year we had over 50 associates and family members come out to plant seedlings and overall we helped plant 126 of the tree seedlings. 

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