Safety Milestone at SSA

By SSA Environmental Health & Safety on Feb 12th, 2016 10:45 AM

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Sekisui S-LEC America, LLC (SSA) recently celebrated one year no lost time accidents at their US plant in Winchester, Kentucky. Associates were able to accomplish this milestone in part by using the concepts of Alone KY and 4RKY; the name KY being inspired from the words Kiken, meaning hazard, and Yochi, meaning training. This hazard prediction training program enables associates to recognize potential risks, incidents and consequences and therefore increase overall levels of safety awareness. Continued success in preventing employee injuries will depend on persistent execution of the behaviors inherent in these programs.

Sekisui S-Lec Interlayer PVB Films lead the laminated glass market for the global automotive and architectural segments. SSA’s product is used in windshields in vehicles across the United States, to improve the safety and security of vehicles and offer a variety of valuable performance benefits including: sound control, solar control, UV control and Head Up Display (HUD) operation. Sekisui’s innovative technologies enable engineers and architects to expand glass functionality, enhancing performance, aesthetics, and the everyday experience.

All associates are expected to do their part as ambassadors for safety; to report and correct potential hazards, and bring attention and awareness to unsafe situations. The more associates become aware of the risks and safeguards associated with their work, the safer the work becomes.

The Safety Team at SSA leads many initiatives and exercises to promote various safety topics on a regular basis, and are the local experts regarding best practices and policies for safety. Associates with different working backgrounds effectively come together and combine job specific knowledge, expertise, perspective and enthusiasm to find new and innovative ways to improve safety in the workplace.

There is nothing that better reflects the respect for associates than the commitment to ensure the safety of every person that works at SSA.

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